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The [U.S.] economy has to grow around 2.5% per year just to keep unemployment from rising.

Source: “The Long Road Ahead” from The Conscience of a Liberal newspaper column in the New York Times by Paul Krugman. Originally published Jan 1, 2011.  (yes, it comes from lefty Paul Krugman but a fact is a fact, no matter how far left or right of center the speaker is standing)

GAO – U.S. Government Accountability Office. The GAO is known as the “investigative arm of Congress” and “the congressional watchdog”. GAO supports the Congress in meeting its constitutional responsibilities and helps improve the performance and accountability of the federal government for the benefit of the American people. Here you can browse testimonials, legal decisions and more.

Balancing the US budget

If we don’t start talking rationally about cutting expenses in the largest 4 areas, we’re going to get nowhere but poor, and fast. As of February 2011, the GOP wants you to believe we can balance the budget by cutting funding to Planned Parenthood and “earmarks”. They’re lying.
source of chart is the Center on Budget & Policy Priority, using Congressional Budget Office numbers.
Smoot-Hawley did NOT cause the Great Depression (warning: fairly wonky)

The US has a very high corporate tax rate – true or false?

False. The tax rate before deductions and loopholes doesn’t count. You have to look at the rates corporations actually pay. By that measure, the US is right in line with most of the industrialized world. (source, the The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, data from 2005; behind a paywall but see a summary here or below).

percentage of GDP paid in corporate taxes:

Canada 3.5
US 3.1
Japan 4.3
France 2.8
Germany 1.7
UK 3.4

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