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Democrats’ latest Medicare ad confusing

July 27, 2011

OK, time to bash the Democrats. My longtime readers — all 2 of you — will know I rarely do this. I’ve made a new commitment to bash the Dems more often. They certainly deserve it more often, if only for being such blithering stumble-bums who can’t get out of their own way. does it again, pointing out the DNC’s latest television ad about the GOP’s plans for the Medicare program is confusing and deceptive.

For crying out loud  Democrats! Can’t you pull it together even once?!  I assume you’re attacking the Paul Ryan plan for Medicare. For starters, that plan is D.O.A. For second, you don’t need to describe the plan in confusing and misleading language… the Ryan plan was bad enough without obfuscating the actual plan details!

The Ryan plan takes a program that pays recipients a specific set of benefits and turns it into a program that pays a specific amount of money.

The truth of what the GOP wants to do to our elderly is scary enough!  You don’t need misleading advertising to make the Ryan Medicare plan scary.  You just need a halfway decent P.R. firm with a good graphics person on staff. Look, here’s the bare bones of your ad…

(you’ll have to click on this image to enlarge it for detail, because I am *not* a good graphics person)

It’s common knowledge (i.e., fact) that healthcare costs are skyrocketing and have been for decades. The Ryan plan leaves Medicare recipients to fend for themselves as their Medicare vouchers buy less and less coverage over time.

Lucky for us, it’s D.O.A. Why the Democrats keep making campaign commercials about it is beyond me. The stuff the GOP is still actively trying to achieve is scary enough for most middle-class Americans.

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