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U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a.k.a. partisan hacks with a press release

July 25, 2011

Well Plastered Bastard… I’m glad you’re here to contribute and I look forward to many more spirited debates. But …

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce isn’t exactly a non-partisan source of information. Using them as a source completely undermines your premise.  The Chamber is the largest lobbyist organization in the U.S. They outspend their nearest competitor – Exxon – by 5 to 1 (source, L.A. Times). Most of their millions are spent pushing positions very, very friendly to the GOP.

During the 2010 campaign cycle, the Chamber spent $32 million, 93 percent of which was to help Republican candidates. (source: Roll Call, Nov 12, 2010). What’s more, their spending is growing exponentially:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce money raised and spent on lobbying efforts:

Worse, the reason people are hearing this “news” is that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put out a press release about their study. The reporters at the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, and others got lazy and “created” a story based on a press release. (see also, Fark) You know how you know? The WSJ piece mentions the study and says “according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report to be released Monday.”


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