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Weiner-gate Redux

June 14, 2011

Even with the new TMZ photos that Representative Weiner took of himself in the locker room of the House gym, I’m still standing by my earlier statement – this isn’t a story.

Anthony Weiner has revealed himself (no pun intended) as a narcissist and an embarrassment to his wife. But I highly doubt he’s also stupid enough to have used his government-provided Blackberry to take and send those pictures. And as such, this trumped up scandal is still in the realm of the personal, not the political. Being an idiot is not a crime.

P.S. #1 – Dude’s 47 years old this September. If those TMZ locker room pics are really him… well, I’d be vain too if I looked like that at 47.

P.S. #2 – If that is his government-provided Blackberry, I retract it all, he should resign.

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