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Frum joins the Center-Left on the war on drugs

January 23, 2011

An interesting take on the argument for ending the war on drugs, from David Frum:

A comprehensive study of decriminalization policies in the US found that the legal status of cannabis has no significant effect on the total demand for or the choice of drugs…

studies find… mainly positive results, both in terms of the health and quality of life of addicts, drug related crimes, and also, significantly, in a steep reduction the number of new users….

I have come to the realization that we need to rethink the war on drugs, first because it is not clear that ending it will actually increase drug use, and secondly, because continuing it funds Taliban, shatter societies and pervert politics in Latin America and weakens law enforcement in the US.

The alternative to prohibition is not a free market for drugs, but regulation. Allow me to abuse a Reagan quote: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it.

I find it hysterical that moderate Republicans find the need to quote Reagan when they’re stating opinions that the modern neo-Conservatives have decided they’re against.

I also find it hysterically funny that when people who are social workers or university professor state these same logical reasons for decriminalizing drugs like marijuana, hard-core Conservatives and the religious right demonize those people by calling them “liberal elites” or “ivory tower elites.”

I wonder what they’ll call Frum? Oh, yeah that’s right. The neo-Cons already called Frum names and fired him from his job at The American Enterprise Institute for not being sufficiently conservative.

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