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Old, fat White people oppose healthcare. Baffling.

January 14, 2011

Didya ever notice that most of the people marching in protest against universal healthcare coverage are old, fat White people? What gives with that? These are the people who’s healthcare costs are the most expensive and they don’t want a little help against the big bad insurance companies?

It’s a wonder they can march at all. I should attend one of these marches to see them in action. I bet it’s more of a shuffle than a march.

I wish there was a way we could make these malcontents pay for their entire health insurance premiums for a year or so. Stop their employers from paying most/all of their insurance premiums. Let these crankpots pay cash for every doctor visit, every pharmacy prescription, every trip to ER when they thought they were having a deepfried food-induced heart attack…   Let ’em pay for all that in cash.

I have no employer-provided healthcare insurance; I buy my own, individually on the open market. It’s atrociously expensive. I’m a pretty healthy person too. I run a couple miles a week, I never smoked, most of my meals are home-made and I don’t buy junk food to keep in the house. I’m about 5-foot-6 and about 120 pounds. Not exactly a ticking timb-bomb health-wise…   I pay $386 per month for just me and you know what I get for it? A $10,000 annual deductible with 80% coverage after that, and a pre-existing condition exclusion for the one thing that’s ever made me sick in my 40 years: asthma. (which is well controlled via an inhaler that I pay $172 per month for)

So I pay almost $5,000 per year and would have to spend another $10,000 before my insurer would pay 80% of anything not related to the one thing that ever made me sick in 40 years! If I have an asthma attack and go to the ER for it, I’m paying cash.

Mind you, I used to pay $129 monthly for a $2,600 deductible on the same plan. The instant Congress showed signs of actually passing health insurance legislation, my insurance mailed me a letter that started with, “In order to serve you better, we’re re-organizing our plans….” and ended with my premium going from $129 to $386 and my deductible going from $2,600 to $10,000.

Let’s let these old, fat, White cranky people pay for their own healthcare for a while and then check in with them again about how they feel about injecting a little more fairness into our health insurance system.

Picture credit: Washington main page, viewed in picture rotator on Jan 14, 2011

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