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Blame game over Giffords shooting misses the point

January 12, 2011

People playing the blame game in the Gabby Giffords shooting incident need to shut the heck up. If you’ve talked or written about whether the political rhetoric on the Right or the Left “caused” the Tucson shooting, shut up.

The real issue at hand is this: mentally unstable people should not be allowed to buy and own guns. That’s what we should all be talking about. What’s more, I bet that all Americans would support that statement if asked. It’s a no-brainer:

Crazy person + gun = bad idea

Predictably, that’s not what the media, our politicians in Washington, or even average Americans across the country have been talking about for the last 4 days. Instead we’ve been talking about who’s political rhetoric is worse. Is it Sarah Palin and her campaign poster with gunsight crosshairs on top of Gabby’s name and district? Or is Michael Medved right when he claims the Left’s political activities are far worse than the Right’s rhetoric.  Or is the answer for everybody to be saved by personally accepting Jesus Christ as your saviour? Is the Tucson shooter a leftist or a right-winger? Which groups did Jared Loughner belong to? What does his kindergarten teacher say? Today, we even have a new spiral of backlash: did Sarah Palin go too far in using the term “blood libel“? Who else has used that word throughout history? What do Jewish groups say about that term?

We’re arguing about who’s using mean words. Seriously? Are we all 9-year olds on the playground at recess?!?

Who uses bigger, badder, meaner words is beside the point. The point is this: Mr. Loughner was a troubled young man, many people knew that, and he was still legally allowed to buy and own a semi-automatic hand gun. That’s wrong. And it’s easily fixed.

What we need is a law that says you can’t buy a weapon if you’re nuts.

But we’re not talking about fixing the real problem, are we? No, in fact Congress’ official reaction to date is introducing a bill condemning the shooting and honoring the victims. Congress: the 535 most useless people on the planet.

People, we need to get it together or this country is just going to go straight down the drain. We’ll be a relic of history like the old Roman empire.  Think for youself! Stop listening to talking points! Focus on real problems. Find solutions that most Americans will support. Advocate for those solutions and kick out of office any politician who uses smoke and mirrors to distract us, like this week’s rhetoric blame game.

edited to add (wed, jan 12, 2011; 4:24 PM Mountain Time) – OMG, it gets even sillier. Apparently now some media hacks are bemoaning the fact that psychologists can’t predict mass murderers’ behavior, while other idiots think we should make it easier to involuntarily commit people to mental institutions. For the love God, people! We don’t need to predict behavior, or lock people up against their will. We simply need to not give guns to people who are emotionally & mentally unstable. After all, an unstable person who holds up his hand in a gun shape and says, “bang, bang” doesn’t hurt anybody. The problem isn’t that he’s unstable. The problem isn’t that he heard camera-happy politicians say mean things about other camera-happy politicians. The problem isn’t that we can’t easily commit him involuntarily to a mental hospital. The problem is our too-lenient gun laws gave him a weapon!

edited again to add (fri, jan 14, 2011 ; 10:40am Mountain Time) – some people are at least beginning to talk about mental healthcare in the US. See Mona Charen of the National Review Online on the Tucson shooting. I disagree with her take on the issue – that we need a better way to involuntarily institutionalize the mentally ill – but at least she’s talking about the real issue and not somebody using mean words against her.

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  1. Marnie Albright permalink
    January 13, 2011 5:54 pm

    Arizona’s gun laws are crazy lenient! Concealed carry shouldn’t be allowed.

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