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That Too-Skinny Model Picture Controversy

October 21, 2009

Every once in a while I’m gonna write a post that doesn’t have anything to do with politics. Why? Because it’s my blog, no one’s reading it anyway, and I make the rules.


Behind the pop culture 8 ball as ever, I was just now getting around to watching Lady Gaga’s video for “Paparazzi”.  I loved it for many reasons, not least of which is that’s it’s a little subversive, could be construed as making light of death and making fun of the handicapped, and… most of all, it will probably make reactionary social conservatives in Kansas very uncomfortable.

I also gotta say, it’s nice to see the media participate in a normal sized woman’s PR campaign to be viewed as sexy.


too skinny model by Karl Lagerfeld Is not sexy. That is emaciated. That is a picture of a victim of a mysterious tropical wasting disease. And I’m not alone in condemning Karl Lagerfeld for using this photoshopped famine victim to hawk his clothing.


3259563_LadyGaGa_1 lady-gaga1

lady-gaga 293_lady_gaga_022609 Is Sexy. Real women have curves. Real women have thighs bigger than their calves. Real women have a little bump on their tummies and an indentation where thigh meets buttock. Real women with curves can be very, very sexy.

It’s time for The Waif Look and Heroin Thin to go the way of the Slinky, the Rubik’s Cube and grunge. I want to see more real women on my TV, in my magazines, and in the movies. Be gone overly skinny models! I banish thee with a sweep of my arm!

Oops! I’m so sorry! I should have known it wouldn’t take a sweep of the arm to banish such frail waifs. I should have only used a flick of my wrist.

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