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Medical Marijuana and Journalistic Laziness

October 19, 2009

Starting today, if you

Image ID 540325 by StockExchange user plantatorSmoke ’em if you got ’em!

You  know what pisses me off about this story? Lazy journalists who clearly didn’t read the DOJ memo before filing their stories. I found this statement repeated in one news story after another:

And while the policy memo describes a change in priorities away from prosecuting medical marijuana cases, it does not rule out the possibility that the federal government could still prosecute someone whose activities are allowed under state law (emphasis mine).

The DOJ memo contained a 3-page list of activities that are still verboten. And since the stories are all about using medical marijuana, they imply that The List is full of reasons the Feds will bust you for using for medical marijuana just ‘cuz they feel like it, whether you’re complying with state law or not.

And of course the FringeRight blowhards like wackadoodle Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh used that opening to snipe at President Obama, yet again.

Malkin claims the President will change his mind and the rules in the future: [the Obama administration] “reserve[s] the right to continue Bush-era policies when they find it expedient to do so.”

One of Limbaugh’s callers today claimed on-air that marijuana use kills people.  Even though Limbaugh had literally just finished saying, “I’ve never heard anybody say that marijuana, either directly or via secondhand smoke, is a carcinogen,” he answered the caller’s ridiculous claim with, “you and I know this.”

But back to the DOJ memo and what it says and what the AP newswire claims it says. If you read the actual text of the DOJ memo it doesn’t say anything like what the AP story claims.  Read the actual text of the DOJ memo. It’s short. Go read it. I’ll wait.

It’s only 3 paragraphs for the love of Pete! Don’t be a lazy journalist, read the source material. Oh OK! I’ll spell it all out. The DOJ’s memo runs 3 pages and most of it is a list of

examples ….[of] when individuals are not in clear and unambiguous compliance with applicable state law (text from the DOJ memo)

In other words, the DOJ memo is a list of things that’ll still get you busted by the Feds regardless of whether you’re enjoying a little weed in compliance with state laws. So what’s on this List? Oh, just stuff like using your medical marijuana license as a front for money laundering, gun-running, drug trafficking, selling to minors, price gouging…

Hey! I want the feds busting these things and I don’t care if you do have a MediWeed license! How ’bout you?? I’m pretty sure you’d have to look hard to find an American who’d say, “yeah, yeah, the Feds should just ignore those pesky gun runners…. after all, they’ve got a license for their pot.”

Once again the FringeRight Blowhards jump on the President over stuff that 99% of Americans would agree is a non-issue.

Hey Michelle! Are you too busy prepping for paid personal appearances to read actual news? Read before you blog b!tch.

Rush, your stance against legalizing medical marijuana is just downright silly considering your well publicized struggles with an Oxycontin addiction. Oxycontin, which has actually killed people.  Sit down and shut up Fatso.

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  1. July 30, 2010 5:41 am

    I think it is a very exciting time to be a marijuana advocate right now, on the brink of legalization.

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