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Pelosi Says “Tax” and It Makes Sense

September 27, 2009

House Democratic leaders are discussing adding a tax on insurers as a way to reduce the overall price tag of their health care bill.


It seems to me that so far, the healthcare ‘reform’ has been nothing but a ginormous gift wrapped present to the insurance industry and the business community.

  • Individual mandate to carry health insurance? YEP.
  • Employer mandate to provide health insurance? NO WAY.
  • Public option to ensure the working poor can afford the mandated health insurance? NO WAY.
  • Taxes on individuals for the value of their health insurance plan? YEP
  • Any kind of penalty for employers who don’t provide — or stop providing — insurance? NO WAY.

So, let me get this straight: I must buy health insurance or I’ll pay a fine. My employer is under no obligation whatsoever to provide me that insurance and faces no penalty if they yank the insurance they used to provide. The government isn’t providing insurance at a guaranteed low cost, so I have to go to the public marketplace to buy it. I’ll have to buy insurance as an individual (the most expensive way to get it!) if my employer chooses not to provide it. I’ll get taxed on that insurance as if it was income.

Yep, I just got screwed. Hard. This is not change I can believe in.

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