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Hi there, and welcome to my kinda-secret little side project, the PoliticalB!tch blog. If you’ve landed on this website based on a comment this blog author made on another site, or based on a Tweet, facebook post or other social media link, welcome. If you found your way here via my legit job — residential real estate — I’m glad you’re here and hope you stick around for a few minutes.

Please note: I keep my day gig, real estate, separate from my political views, and vice-versa. In my capacity as a professional Realtor, I keep my political opinions to myself. But you should know that this political blog is where I let loose. Sometimes I swear. Sometimes I come out in support of issues that aren’t popular. I do not blindly repeat talking points. I do not always follow the party line. Sometimes my opinions contradict each other (example, we should get the heckoutof Iraq and Afghanistan, but we should also have a mandatory military draft).

In real life I’m a forty-something Realtor. I work in metro Phoenix, Arizona and have done since February of 2005. I’ve survived the boom years and the bubble bursting, and I’m still here, making a decent living from helping folks buy and sell metro Phoenix real estate. You can find me at


In my off-work hours, I’m a world class political junkie.  (alright, world-class might be pushing it, but I think I’ve got some thoughts worth your time).

Many thanks to a friend (hi Dave!) for helping me find a label for what I believe: left-leaning Libertarian. I’m socially very liberal but fiscally I lean conservative. You can read my political blog by clicking right here, or use the calendar or category widgets to your right    –  –  –  –  –  – >

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